Who are we?

Hoofprint Digital Media, an agency set up to bring the latest 
mobile technology to start ups, growing and medium size businesses. 
Primarily in the Equestrian, Agricultural and Pet sectors but with relevant 
expertise to impart to all business arenas.

What can a mobile solution do for your business

  • Keep up to date with the latest purchasing trends
    not missing out on potential business.
  • Maximise communication with your customers and prospects
    resulting in further business.
  • Professional handling of enquiries, booking and purchases
    freeing up your time.
  • Efficient delivery of technical information
    enabling a prompt purchase decision.
  • Enabling referrals & reviews from customers
    introducing more people to your business.
  • Enable your business to be truly open 24/7
    meaning your business can run while you sleep.


Why does my website need to be Mobile responsive?

Consider the impression you are giving your customers………..

People are accessing the internet on mobile devices more than ever.
The look, feel and functionality needs to be simplistic and clear with
an easy route to access information, make contact or place an order.

Take a look at your website on a PC, tablets and smartphones ……..

We can help you harness the latest technology to enable your business to reap the benefits.


So what can a Mobile App do for my business?

Differentiate your business and be one step ahead of the competition

Websites are reactive, people need to choose to visit, Apps are proactive they
communicate through “Push Messages” engaging with people.

Do you find yourself deluged with emails?

The read rate is now as low as 2 or 3% – Push Messages ping up on a smart device
and are opened by 85 to 97% of users who find themselves clicking on through the App.

Would you like to explore working with us to move your business to the next level?

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